Monday, February 3, 2014

#3 "Taboo Tattoos"

Tattoos are becoming more common with every generation, but does that mean they are becoming more accepted as well? In almost every video I found, I observed the same things; though more people have tattoos, it is still viewed as unprofessional in the workplace. This method of self-expression is seen very differently depending on the profession, however, but despite this, the more important factor should be how well you are able to perform your job.

In this video, Fox looks into how tattoos are viewed in the workplace and what many of those who are "inked" are doing in order to land that dream job of theirs.


  1. I've seen a lot of videos myself interviewing people if they think having tattoos in the work place is unexceptionable. Personally, I believe it shouldn't matter. Tattoos are a sign of self expression. There are plenty of people who do not want people with tattoos in their work place. But as the time goes on I believe society will start accepting this form of art in the work place. I think it depends on the generation. Overall, I love this post. Very informative!!

  2. #2
    I agree with Christina! ^^^ Typically when you see a person covered from head to toe with tattoos you automatically begin judging them. In the workplace i know it is very challenging to get a job if you have a tattoo that is completely visible and unable to be covered. When my older brother was getting his job one of the requirements was that if he had a tattoo then it would need to be covered up. Now that tattoos are becoming more normal and accepting, i think the views on them will change. There will never be 100% compromise and sometimes there will be people that are against them, but i believe that the next generation will decide on whether or not they are more accepting in the work place.

  3. I agree with you all too! Being that I have a tattoo myself and definitely want to get many more, I personally don't think it is right to discriminate against people who have tattoos. Just because people have them doesn't make them a bad person. I personally just like how tattoos look and find it a good way to express yourself. I don't think people should have to cover up or hide who they are just for the sake of a job. I know that getting a job is hard when you have many exposed tattoos, which I why I am probably only going to get ones that can be covered. That being said, I find it completely ridiculous that this has to be the case. Hopefully people will start to being more accepting of tattoos which are becoming extremely popular in today's society. I really love this article because it is exactly how I feel about this issue and it's very personal for me!