Thursday, January 30, 2014

#2 Tattoos or a Job: Pick One.

Tattoos are not for everyone; they are a form of self-expression that show the world a little bit about yourself, while for others, it is just considered an easy way to stay unemployed.

While researching my topic I found an interesting article titled "Injecting ink into the workplace with tattoo discrimination" (click here to read it all!) in which Caitlin Jinks, an intern at the University of Wollongong discusses the unfairness of trying to pick between being yourself and providing for yourself.

In the article, Jinks makes a point in saying that body modifications such as tattoos were once thought to be for sailors, criminals and rebels. Newsflash! Times have changed and tattoos are much more common now, so why are they still not accepted by others, specifically in the workplace? 'Lucky Lauren,' a tattoo artist in Wollongong, stated that some of her clients have had to get their tattoos removed in order to be allowed a position in the Navy or armed forces.

Not only does the concept of tattoo discrimination baffle me, but for it to go far enough to prevent someone from serving for their own country is truly disgraceful. Lucky Lauren also states that "if someone is intelligent, they're loquacious and are able to conduct themselves in a professional manner within the workplace then I don't think tattoos should really be an issue."

Tattoos are with you forever, but do not change a person's personality, morals or ability to perform tasks professionally. Until the world catches up with this, however, there will be discrimination in the workplace.

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