Sunday, February 9, 2014

#4 - Hair Discrimination?

Everyone loves to take pride in their looks, and everyone probably has a favorite feature about themselves. Whether it is your eyes, hands, legs, it is yours to be proud of and "modify"" as you please. But one thing that has recently caught my eye is HAIR modification discrimination.

Apparently, no one in the world is pleased when it comes to what others do to express themselves. No one, including those in North Kern State Prison, is satisfied with the way Solomon Stanley chose to express himself through his religion. He worked as a prison guard, and his Rastafarian religion encourages him to wear dreadlocks and a beard, but he was soon harassed by those around him for his choice to style his hair in the way his religion teaches.

In the article, it reads that "his refusal to cut his hair and beard has generated two lawsuits — one in federal court in Fresno and another in Fresno County Superior Court — that accuse prison officials in Delano of religious harassment, discrimination and retaliation."

Not only does this outrageous form of discrimination coincide with body modification, but it also does not allow for freedom of religion. The article goes on to explain that when a new command unit took over the prison, he began being harassed; getting called names and having his job duties changed were enough to cause him so much stress, he received a medical discharge in December 2010. 

Discrimination is a useless, mindless, terrible thing to exhibit onto another human being. Self/religious-expression in the form of modifying your body is not a reason to be targeted for harassment. Hopefully this will end soon enough!

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